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We purchased a leather sectional from Haverty's about a year ago, at which time they offered us a 5-year protection plan, which was supposed to cover the furniture in case it gets damaged.We agreed to the additional coverage provided by Guardsman.

Last month we filed a claim because of small faded spots and scrape on the leather, and squeaking of the frame/mechanism.

Our claim (10734531) was denied on the pretext that the reported damage is not covered under the terms of the protection plan and the reporting timeframe.If anyone plans to buy from Haverty's and they offer you the Guardsman protection plan, read the protection plan and carefully think twice before paying extra for services that may not be available when you need it.


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I am APPALLED at Havertys.My husband is serving our country in the military and Haverty's told me they did not care and he would have to be present to sign the credit application.

I have his Power of Attorney and Haverty's did not care.

WARNING to all military families, DO NOT shop at Haverty's!They are insensitive to our loved ones serving our country and to our families trying to cope without them.


..I here this all the time.IT IS NOT A WARRANTY !!!..It wasn't sold as a warranty and it doesn't act like a warranty.It is a protection plan,nothing more.It covers accidents that YOU may have caused.It doesn't cover mnf.defects.Please,just read the fine print before you spill your *** all over a review.In this case,the print wasn't even that fine :sigh


The quality of Havertys furniture is horrible and you will need a warranty if you buy from them.I bought a dining room table several years ago, ate on it twice and its wood is peeling.

Not real of course but when you pay 2000 plus for a table 10 years ago it should last.They are not good for any wood products.


I've dealt with Havertys before and while issues with Guardsman may come up - they have a liaison in the company that handle these types of issues.I wasn't happy with the result of a Gold Plan issue but Havertys took care of it.

Just give them a call.Especially if its so recent a purchase,

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