Before you decide to buy anything from Haverty's, I would like to give you some very useful information that will change your mind on spending (wasting) your time and money purchasing from them. I have for you the amount Haverty's has paid for every itme in house.

You will be amazed on how much they are charging you. I will also let you know what to expect as to why you cannot (so they say) haggle prices and why you should never pay a delivery charge. Also I will reveal the truth behind the protection plan (a big joke) and why you should never buy this.

If you would like to know where you can buy the item you are interested in at 1/2 the price Haverty's is selling it for, I encourage you to email me at enoch 17 @ wmconnect.com and I will help you as much as possible. I ask that you research some complaints I (enoch17) have posted about Haverty's and their practices.

Why waste your money when you can invest in the same product for 1/2 the cost.

Again the email address is enoch 17 @ wmconnect.com.

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Havertys sales personnel salary is only commission and is contingent on the ability of Havertys to deliver the furniture to their customers. Many of the collections are always on back-order for months and a sales associate does not get paid until it is delivered and kept by the customer.

Havertys has a 3 day return policy. Everything on the receipt has to be delivered before they get any money on Guardsman protection plan they sell.

Special orders most times take longer than 12 weeks and sales people do not get paid on these until they are delivered. If the furniture is sent out damaged from the warehouse or gets damaged during delivery the salesperson does not get paid until exchange is done which could take days or even weeks depending on stock of item.


He got fired

to Anonymous Trinity, Alabama, United States #1198512




Clayton, North Carolina, United States #1030004

you, dear"kneeknoch" need to get a hobby or a life. is havertys supposed to give you the furniture at their cost?

also...the gold plan is WONDERFUL!!

they have replaced a sofa for me when the back of it got torn moving it in the new house...you are a milly mouthed bored housewife i am sure. go away.

to unca dane Snellville, Georgia, United States #1227408

Oh my goodness do you work for Haverty's, Clayton from North Carolina?

Your remark is pretty sexist. What do ou have against women?

FYI: despite the stereotype put forth by MEN LIKE YOURSELF, most homemakers are too busy to "get bored."

Besides all of that, Einstein, "Enoch" is a MAN's name. It was written by a man!

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #672090

The florence, Kentucky store...Honestly the worst place I have ever worked...No matter what they tell you can count on about 27,000 a year for full time and that includes every weekend and if you do every thing exactly the way they want it. The staff i in Florence, Kentucky are the most ruthless and back stabbing gossiping people I have ever met.

The store manager is a control freak and the general manager is a young arrogant punk who has a power hungry complex...Avoid applying for a position at either the try county or Florence, Ky stores. You will waste your time and be miserable during the time that you are there.

I am so relieved not to be working there any more. They cannot even add...my first commission check was over $450.00 short.


I am trying to email enoch17@wmconnect.com and I keep receiving a mailder deamon, any assistance would be great


I bet Mr. enoch17 is in prison at where he is belong.

We as a consumer can choose where we want to spend our $ and if you can't afford to buy Havertys's furniture, then go to Target or Walmart. Every company has it's overhead cost: rental, transportation, labor etc and this is just the few I can think of.



I am looking for the Springdale desk/hutch/chair (white) item # HVT814. Online price is 1499.99.

Any ideas to find it cheaper in the Indianapolis area? Thanks.


Looking for the Copely Squared bedroom set... any idea where to find it for cheaper?

Email eab622@yahoo.com

Thank you~

to em #1105353

Did you ever find the bedroom suite? I bought it and love it.

Only problem is I need another nightstand.

Havertys was supposed to let me know when it was being discontinued so we could go ahead and buy the other nightstand even though we didn't have the room. Of course we weren't notified.


I'm looking for a Serta Perfect Sleeper Mega Eurotop Queen mattress set. Haverty's advertised it on sale for $899.99 with regular price $1799.99.

Does anyone know where to find this mattress set for closer to the sale price.

The sale price was in the circular ad effective thru 8/16/10. Thanks.


The author of this post, or actually chain of posts, is a former employee of Haverty's. His name is Christopher Allen.

He was formerly employed as a warehouse employee of the Haverty's in Pensacola, Florida. Chris was fired from Haverty's when it was discovered that he was stealing merchandise and having friends come to the loading dock where he would load it up and then later sell it on Craigslist. Haverty's prosecuted Chris and I am assuming this is where his "grudge against Haverty's" is coming from.

You are the one who chose to steal, break the law, and jeopardize your employment.

It is immature and an good indicator of your character to slander a good company. Haverty's is a 125 year old company with MILLIONS of satisfied customers.

Of course people do sometimes make mistakes and unfortunately this can result in a negative customer experience, but overall Haverty's is the best furniture company in this country.

Readers, you decide...

to Larry Morrilton Jacksonville Beach, Florida, United States #959959

furniture is still junk sold as real wood when really a bunch of cardboard covered with a paper thin layer of cheap soft pine wood that has tons of layers of stains to make it look as if it is a real wood with a nice grain to it. Total ***!!!


I love how this turned into an employee forum trying to debunk the comments by upset consumers. I believe once employees have identified themselves as such should be removed from this forum.

I too, will never shop at Havertys, no matter what you employees post on here. You're trying to keep other potential customers from purchasing at your stores. If you never deceived a customer in the beginning, you wouldn’t have problems.

If your products work as advertised, you wouldn't have complaints on this forum. Grow up employees of Havertys.


just to try and shed some light on the delivery fees,every furniture store has them!weather it says delivery fee or not,some just hide it in their prices.it is what it is.trucks cost money,as everyone knows fuel isn't cheap!it takes 2 people to deliver it and they have to be paid.then there are the smaller stuff insurance,tools,pads,etc.i say if you don't want to pay the fee pick it up yourself!!then you might say wow it would have been worth the 120 bucks after you throw your back out drop your 500lb marble top dresser down the steps and into the wall.


I e-mailed the address listed and have yet to hear back. Not sure how legitimate this is and I am dissapointed that I so willingly gave in to this "hoax". Not sure if the poster is looking for attention or what......


I love hearing these sad and untrue stories from those trying to debunk my assistance to consumers. If you (pissed off) are really in the market for furniture, do email me and I will respond.

I do challenge you however to add your email address here for all to see as I have.

But I guess only one of us really has the courage for that! Again, the email address is enoch 17 @ wmconnect.com in case you have any questions.


Funny how I've gotten no response from Mr. enoch17.

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