I went into the store with a chip on my shoulder and found the sales person qualified and the manager exceptional They resolved my problem quickly and satisfactoraly_ and I left the store happy. What is this world coming to.

I expected indifference and to get the old run a round, instead I found Havertys to be a superior company..

Havertys is a great place. In a world with people that gripes and act like spoiled children when it comes to doing business with companies. I found Havertys a refreshing change.

Many times we are dealing with people and not our own inflated egos.

Some times we must remember that there is more to the world than our own personal agendas. Perhaps we should try patience with others because they may have our needs in mind.

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Same here. All of my furniture comes from Haverty's.

Certainly not the high end stuff, but I always feel like I get what I paid for. And the same three guys have been delivering my furniture and do a great job. In fact, when one piece was scratched, THEY found the flaw themselves, put it back on the truck and called the warehouse themselves.

How sweet was that? Love this company!


You work there, that is obivious.......... :grin

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