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We were in their store over Memorial Day Holiday for their big sale. We found a kitchen table & chairs but were told they had none in stock and it would be 2-3 weeks for delivery.

We are moving to TN from out of state & said we would call when we would be back there again. Here it is 3 weeks later, we called, they said they wouldn't be getting them in for another 4 weeks (July 9th or so)and that it was an "advertised item" so they can't sell the floor model! That's the second time they have advertised it and still don't have them! One wonders if they ever will have them?

I'm going elsewhere. In reading other complaints with delivery dates seem like a good choice.

Review about: Havertys Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $499.

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Haverty's uses no particulate board or presswood in any of the furniture that they sell. Haverty's is also a 125 year old company, can you name any other furniture companies that have been in business for that long?

Not bad for a redneck ran company huh? So what did they fire you for?


Wait and wait for your sawdust and glue. Sometimes it's not sawdust it's compressed newspaper and plastics.

This redneck,non-professionally, ran company is going to catch up with them sooner or later.

They hire illegals at the warehouses, which they have been caught at more than once, the buyers go on nice vacations, hummmmmmmm???? You are a fool to buy the HVT junk..........


I hate this store and company. They never have what is advertised or if they do, it is a POS stuff the poorest folks wouldn't have in their trailer!!

:eek :eek :zzz :roll :roll


It takes a long time to get the supply of sawdust and glue together. Give them a break...... :grin


supply and demand. Do you think elves are making your furniture in someones garage around the corner from your house?

You All want everything for a dollar and you want it now. AND you want it US made. GUESS WHAT, it all comes from china. they are currently dealing with union issues that our country dealt with in the 30's.

It is difficult getting quality product into a container and then onto a ship that takes a month to get to the us and then through customs so you can get your fancy table for a @$#* dollar.

You cheap a##. Get a local quote that includes a one week lead time and a cost that is under a thousand dollars and let me know there companies name.

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