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Two years ago, reluctantly we bought another living room group from Havertys only because my husband knew the sales/home decorater. This living room group did the same as the last!!

Flat cushions in the seating that were replaced (1st year and we older kids)but now new ones are flat. Sagging material, front of the sofa looks like it bent and back cushions I’ve had to fill with “fluff” and they don’t stay up. We have had it cleaned like (professional) we should and it just looks tired. We’ve only had a bit over 2 years.

We bought a gold warranty, but try to get any help from that once the factory warranty is up. We spent good money twice in that store and I expressed my concerns and was assured that this set would not do this!!

Well it did!! Havertys furniture is NOT worth the money!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Havertys Furniture Sofa.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Havertys delivery in Orlando was the worst we ever had from any furniture store. They could not put my dining table or library together since they were not given the tools by their warehouse.

Thats what they said. We waited 3 days a technician to come put it together. Our new wood floors got damaged since he came without a helper. Went to store to complain and manager said they will send another technicuan to look at damage of our floor.

We chose to cancel everything and told them to take their furniture back. Went and purchased at Ethan Allen.

We had great delivery service without any hitches. Still waiting for Havertys to fix our floors from 2 months ago.


Wasted five working days to get our living room and bedroom furniture from Haverty. It came broken and the delivery men could not put put bed together not having the hardware package and tools needed.

We were told to call customer service and they will send a technician out to put our bed and dresser together. One of the drawers in the nightstand was missing the slide guides snd was never drilled for holes to install them at factory. We noticed chips and scratches on top of our dresser after technician came. Havertys is refusing to exchange the damaged furniture they delivered us.

Salesperson told us he could not do anyyhing if management said no.

Havertys foes not vslue the time we lost from work for their bad delivery services nor do they care about customer satisfaction. We reconsidered going back to Havertys for any future purchases and willtell everyone to avoid this chain.


Listen to delivery, they are the backbone of the company. Fix issues in the warehouse.

Better background check. Half the crew couldn't get the job done unfortunately. Slackers need to be disciplined and not rewarded with less work. Acknowledge the hard workers for once pay was good when the trucks were loaded properly from warehouse.

Some co-workers were great but most of them lazy backstabbers. Hard workers go unnoticed at Havertys, lazy workers get rewarded with light easy routes.

Hard workers get the biggest route EVERYDAY Management only cares about numbers, The management knows the warehouse loads bad products and still delivery is blamed and loses pay for bad loads. Management does not back team.


Havertys real leather furniture is as cheap as bonded leather. the seams on our Regis is coming apart and the leather color is fading and we've only had it 3 months.

Management has never returned our calls and we are embarrassed to invite friends over with furniture that looks like its been bought at a flea market. We recently found out it is made in China too. There are no quality inspections done in China and Havertys makes a huge profit from selling cheap furnitire they buy overseas. Overstock had way better quality than the parson chairs at Havertys selling for over $300.

We decided to buy our entire dining on overstock and had better quality furniture than a name like Havertys. Shocking!


Havertys trucks are being packed with less care than before which is also aiding in the increase in damaged merchandise. Lack of quality control at their warehouse where they are loading the furniture seems to be an issue Havertys needs to look into. We've had three different salespeople due to them leaving Havertys to work for their competitors.

to Maria #1521110

High turnover in sales staff and warehouse at Havertys should be a wake up call to any company. Management only cares about numbers, The management knows the warehouse loads defective products and still delivery is blamed and loses pay for bad loads.

Management does not back their teams unless the final verdict is in their favor. Sales staff has a high turnover and many cannot earn above the $12. hr rate never able to reach commision pay due to bad deliveries and cancelations. Lots of hours, every weekend and holiday so forget about the family outings.

Good for transition jobs while you look for a real job that rewards you for your hard work.

Sales floor oversaturated with staff so little commision can be made abouve the $12. rate for even experienced sales staff.


Advice to Havertys ManagementTake care of your customers that keep filling your corporate executives pockets with $$$$$. Listen to your customers when guardsman gold plan fails them.

Its a 3rd party company that only wants money to supply Havertys executives with an added bonus of $$$$ in their pocket. Stop buying all the Chinese junk that break shortly after the 1 year mark. Guardsman declined our claim since they said it had been repaired. We went to a different Havertys store from where we originally purchased, and the sales manager told us that it had been fixed several times before it was delivered to us.

This was why guardsman gold insurance denied our claim. Crooks and con artists. Taking advantage of people living on a fixed retirement income shame on you Mr. Haverty.Stop micromanaging and taking salespeople’s money.

Remember that your sales staff sacrifices holidays, weekends and many nights with their family to work for you while you enjoy the money they make you. Every month they work with the stress of 100% commission and deal with demanding and sometimes rude customers all with a smile on their faces. People are only willing to make these sacrifices if they can earn a good wage. It's a slap in the face when you lower their pay every year and continue to demand more.

Stop loading the sales floor. Quality not quantity. Furniture too Quality over quanity and less made in china crap that arrive all broken. We watch more and more unqualified people get hired and as a result customers are leaving annoyed at the inadequate help they received.

This will continue until you stop micromanaging and start paying a fair commission again. Mr. Havertys remembered that the sales staff was his front line and treated them with respect and gave them the opportunity to earn a comfortable living. Now Havertys expects you to sacrifice the stability of a salary job and give up every weekend and holiday with your family, for less money every year.

The turnover rate of staff is ridiculous. Remember quality over quanity again comes in play.

Think about it Mr Smith, if you weren't born privileged and you had to (gasp) sell for a living, would you work for Havertys? Would you work every holiday and weekend never to see your family for a commission salary that barely pays your basic family expenses?


Bad quality for high prices. Some made in usa by companies cutting cost using cheap materials.

The rest made in china or Vietnam with no quality inspections. Went to Ethan Allen for ours after our refund from Havertys.

Good service and quality furniture. They earned our business while Havertys lost it.

to Jamie #1467156

The turnover rate of staff is ridiculous since I had 3 different salespeople in less than 4 months time. Dealing with broken repaired furniture after paying over $4500.

Management somewhere forgot about quality and value is what customers want. The reputation of Havertys has gone downhill due to the low quality of furniture they currently sell for higher prices. They raised their delivery fees to ridiculous high rate . Delivery drivers told us they recycle broken furniture and repair it at the warehouse.

They never see what is loaded on their trucks until they deliver it. They can tell by how its tagged that it was previosly returned. Repaired and sent out to next sucker paying full price.

Our sofa had a strong smell from the cleaners used where stains were still visible. This should be illegal since management is well aware of this shady practice scamming buyers.

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