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Work/Life Balance is terrible

Team Lead former employee.

This distribution center combined two shifts (Prep & Load) & planned to cross-train both shifts into becoming equip to run the prep process & load process into a one shift deal. I think the idea was to cut back hours & eventually lower the staff capacity in order to save the company a lot of money. They tried it with all of their major distribution centers and this is the only one who is still doing it.

The problem is with a skeleton crew, it only takes one or two callouts to short a team. During the light season this can turn a 6 hour day into a 10 hour day. During the heavy season, this can cause veteran employees to quit. Without veteran employees the management is forced to rely on new hires and even temp, labor contracted workers to send out quality product that customers pay heavily for.

I have no issue with the management at this facility. You present your concerns to them in a professional and reasonable way, and they will empathize with you entirely, but at the end of the day, they can give you a pat on the back and make no major decisions without going through the corporate office. The guys in this building, noble as they may be, cannot give mid year raises or bonuses, increase the employee capacity, or make any truly helpful difference without emailing or calling out of state management individuals, who haven't put their hand on the product or attempted to involve themselves in the processes they are now demanding, in decades.

This company boasts internal advancement, but truly there's a total of maybe 10 supervisors & managers in this building, and they have all been here for years. There's never any indication that any of them may ever leave, so it seems as though once you become a team lead, you have peaked and are forced to go through the same, tedious work process forever until someone above you leaves, then for all you know they may opt to hire from the outside.

All of this is hard enough before considering the intangibles like trucks arriving often 6 to 7 hours after your shift started even though they should have been unloaded before you even arrived, or guys on your team so frustrated from being constantly moved around because of the skeleton crew that you don't have faith in them moving quality product.

If you have a family, a life, or any plans to tend to outside of your 9 to 5, Haverty's expects you to put them on the back burner to move their furniture. I like to work. I take satisfaction on putting my name on quality work. I don't like calling my wife at 6pm and telling her to cancel my dinner plans, or telling my in-laws I can't go to a mid-week Birthday event because I have no idea when I'm going to get out of work. There is no concern for quality of life, at least on the distribution end. I'd recommend a quality candidate to pass on this job, even if it means taking a pay cut elsewhere.Work life balance does not exist at havertys, No scheduled end times, Moving product is valued more than quality of life for employees. Seling inferior product is valued more than giving salespeople a decent salary. Appeasing their stockholders with numbers is priority 1 at havertys.

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Lack of quality control is a big issue at Havertys furniture. Working in delivery we dont see the furniture loaded until we make our stop at customer’s homes.

Customers get mad thinking we loaded broken furniture.

We tell them to call their salesperson to fix their problems since need to get to our next delivery snd dont have time for their whining. Cant do anything but take it back.


The problem with Havertys delivery is they get paid minimum wage or barely above to move their heavy - *** furniture up 2-3 flights of stairs. The time given to do this is 30 minutes or less.

They ought to hire Superman or the Hulk for the job and see if they’ll do it for crap minimum wage. See if any of Havertys corporate bosses would take on the job for the slave wages. Cmon people treat your people fairly and you won’t lose your good delivery crews.

Most quit to get beyyer paying jobs down the street so wake up and stop taking advantage of hard workers. Ask yourself if you would do the job under the same conditions every day and low oay.


Lack of stock is also a problem wvery quarter. Customers wait months to get their furniture while sales staff has to wait until the following month after delivery to be paid their commission.

Don’t see how anyone can plan to build a house or start a family. Not s reliable income source with fluctuating pay each month which is dependent on successful deliveries. Management does not care about the high turnover of staff.

They hire the next sucker desperate gor a job. Good only while transitioning between jobs.


City Furniture is now hiring for warehouse , delivery and sales floor st their new location in Ocoee,FL.

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