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I would like to thank everyone that has requested information about Havertys products and where to purchase for a lesser price. Year to date I can say that i have received over 600 emails about buying Havertys product elsewhere for at least 1/3 the price.

The money saved by the consumer on a $1,000.00 average has cost Havertys over $600,000.00.

I will continue to help as many people as I can. Do know that Havertys has recently raised prices on 70% of their product even though we are in a recession. Havertys is still standing by their "No-Haggle" policy.

Havertys does not make any of their on product. You can buy everything they sale elsewhere alot cheaper than what Havertys offers. Remember, never purchase the worthless protection plan.

If you have any questions please email me at enoch 17 @ wmconnect. com.

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I am looking for the bedroom night stand and dresser/mirror from havertys. Like many below, went back to by more of the set and it’s “gone”.


I am looking for the bronson sofa and loveseat. Where can i find iy lower


Greenville, South Carolina, United States #1027175

I purchased a bed and nightstand from holidays they were of good quality but of course very expensive. Two years later I want to purchase another night stand and a dresser but found out they have discontinued the furniture.

I do not remember the name of the furniture but will call Havertys and try to find out do you think they will still have this information on file.

If so can you tell me how to get this furniture at some of the place? Thanks for the help Suzanne

Collierville, Tennessee, United States #997260

I'm looking for the Lakeview Gathering Table from Havertys.email me at alacy333333@gmail.com

White Marsh, Maryland, United States #932606

Looking for Bentley sectional:


Arlington, Texas, United States #890937

"METROPOLIS" Leather Sofa Set from HAVERTY'S....Anyone have any experience with it? How is it holding up?

Considering purchasing it, also looking to buy it direct. Anyone know the OEM or someone else that sells it cheaper?

Thanks for any help! Dave

to JerryDome Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1046779

I am interested in buying the same sofa you mentioned. Did you find out the manufacturer of Metropolis leather sofa.

If so, please let me know. Thanks in anticipation.

Arlington, Texas, United States #890934

Anyone know the MFG of the "Metropolis" Leather Sofa set at Haverty's? Looking to buy it cheaper somewhere else, like direct from the MFG. Thanks for any help.

Mclean, Virginia, United States #890689

looking at the custom choice willow wedge sofa....who makes that and where can we get it cheaper

Arlington, Texas, United States #873718

We are looking at the Maddox living room collection and trying to find out who the maker is. Can you please help? mcnamarj@Hotmail.com


Can you help me locate the Sonoma Valley Dining Room Gathering Table set? I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. norind1@hotmail.com


Orlando, Florida, United States #595994

Looking for Maddux sofa and recliner. Please help!!


to jasongarmon@gmail.com Pooler, Georgia, United States #697761

I am looking for the Maddux recliner in Burgundy. Did you find a set at a lower price.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #581895

I'm looking for the Radford leather section by Bernhardt and the Lakeview table, chairs and china cabinet. The havertys in Mobile, Alabama has terrible customer service, management and salesmen who lie.

DON'T USE THEM! I still want the furniture.

Can anyone help? Lastephens1@hotmail.com

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #579910

Could you please let me know where I can find the bronson reclining sofa set?

Florence, South Carolina, United States #575994

Bentley where can I get it at a lower price


I'm looking for the Bronson sofa and recliner can you direct me where I can find inlet wt a better price. Rblewis413@gmail.com

to rblewis413 #1105835

Did he give you info on where to get this?



I am looking for a lower price than Haverty's on their Gathering Table w/ 4 24" Slat Back Barstools SKU 565900507 for $1299.99. I am in the Fort Worth, Texas area. My email is lahommel@yahoo.com.

Thanks !


Looking for Ventura sectional at a better price

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