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Wanted to mention that when the table's pedestal leg first came apart, it was only held together by glue. No other fasteners kept it together...sheer lunacy and gross negligence on behalf of whoever built this dining set IMO.

Original review posted by user Jan 26, 2013

Bought a brand new dining room set (table, 6 chairs, china cabinet, table pad) at Atlanta Northpoint Havertys in 2000.

Years later, one of the table's pedestal legs split apart, causing one end of the table to fall to the ground! Thank goodness we weren't eating a Thanksgiving dinner on it and that nobody was hurt when it happened. I repaired it myself by bolting the broken pieces together. Observe in a photo that another split is forming on a pedestal leg...I just discovered that b/c I took pictures to document this...jeez, thank goodness that didn't fail over our last Thanksgiving dinner!

Then just a few weeks ago a trim piece from the china cabinet fell off all by itself. Again, the piece was only held by glue. At least that wasn't a load-bearing piece where someone could get hurt.

But then today my 8-month pregnant wife was getting up out of a chair, when one of the back legs split apart. Holy ***! Thank goodness she caught herself just in time and didn't injure herself or our unborn baby. Looking at the photo, you can see where that is not splintered wood, it is a cleanly defined manufacturing splice that is only held together with glue.

I've never seen this before...who the *** glues chair legs together?? Especially in a pricy dining room set! Looking at all of the other chair legs, many of them are the same. In the photo where I'm pointing, you can see one leg with multiple seams.

This dining set is nothing but dangerous, maybe even deadly! My pregnant wife was in a position where she could have hit the back of her head on the sharp corner of the china cabinet, had she not caught herself in time.

I was so mad that I threw all our other Haverty's furniture (a pricey sofa table and coffee table) out the back door and broke them to smithereens. I would do the same to the dining set if I could do so on my own.

When we first bought this set, we expected it to last us a lifetime. Now we want this dangerous *** out of our house ASAP.

As I typed this, this website showed an advertisement for Havertys at the top. Thanks for the salt in the wound.

My Havertys invoice number is 1412274 dated 4/29/00 and we have the same contact info, if someone from Havertys wants to contact us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Havertys Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $5700.

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No not everyone builds furiture this way. Only made in China, Mexico or India makes it cheap this say.

Watch Trump fix this by adding more tariffs on chinese goods.

Its long overdue. Then we can buy American made again.

Huffman, Texas, United States #1278049

Everyone builds furniture this way

Brookeville, Maryland, United States #888490

Well good for you. Let it out!

If I could do it, I would. I went into debt buying those *** furnitures from Havertys. I might as well make the most out of it. I pray that the company shuts down because they do not have a morsel of social responsibility and concern about the public.

Their motto is "Let's Just Continue the Rip-off!" for as long as we can get the public to buy. Someone should raised this to Consumer Affairs Department and come to think of it I definitely will.

Orlando, Florida, United States #607095

Well did you get the guardsman protection plan with that purchase. That would of been covered under the protection plan

to soso #1593621

Havertys Guardsman Plan is a SCAM. They would have said it is normal wear and tear or factory quality problem.

Management gets a big kick back for selling their plan and products. Read the reviews of Guardsman and think twice before buying it. Then read the FINE Print online and if you have any common sense you'll realize what a Scam Guardsman really is.

When salespeople mention Guardsman to us now we make it clear that we are not interested. When they continue to tell us their well scripted Guardsman stories we leave and they lose our business.


Gotta say, I didn't read the excess and I don't work for Havertys. But I know a little about furniture, the picture was obvious, and with a little research, you wouldn't have needed to b*tch this long either.

HARD WOOD CRACKS...which is caused by humidity. That's all there is to it. If you have humidity, the grains expand and contract and on RARE occasion, actually split. So your complaint may need to have been better placed on mother nature instead of some retailer that was just trying to make ya happy after 13 years ago.

Wished our bodies held up that well after that long. Just sayin'.

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