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We recently visited the OBT store in Orlando where I met Suzanne. I looked at several rooms of furniture to furnish my entire house but since my wife was not available I waited to place an order.

She touted their interest free plan several times, telling me how affordable it was to buy there. She was transferred shortly thereafter to the Winter Garden store and continued to contact me. My wife visited the Winter Garden store in May while on business. During both visits at both locations Suzanne brought up the 36 month no interest plan to us.

After my wife had spent almost 9 hours selecting 6 rooms of furniture it was time to set up the no interest plan and place the order. Suzanne quoted a $216.00 a month payment for the whole purchase which was almost $18,000. Suzanne took almost a full hour to complete the finance papers and get an approval. When she returned she stated we could only get a maximum of $15,000 no matter what our credit score was because of their bank and asked would we like to pay cash instead.

My wife restrained herself and refused. They played games with the final numbers and came back with a $14,976 quote jus below the maximum. Talk about desperate to make a sale, and WOW! what a price mark up they must have to give a $3000 discount without blinking an eye.

She then hit my wife with a bombshell, the payment would be $416.00 not $216.00 she originally quoted. She apologized and said she miscalculated the first time. We told her that was unacceptable and one *** of a miscalculation. She stated "well you have to make 36 equal payments with this plan and then its no interest" .

I told her thats really a time payment plan not a no interest plan because it would be fully paid by the 36th month. Therefore the bank would never collect any interest anyway. I have never heard of such a *** no interest plan, and I have made several purchases on similar no interest plans with other stores. Usually the payments are 1 or 2 percent of the balance not a 36 months maximum.

The whole interest free financing with Haverty's is a SCAM to get the consumer into the store where they can then do a hard sell and pressure you into paying cash or using a credit card. The Store manager Henry was very nice and was to have solved this whole problem but after my first conversation with him he was no longer available, either off that day or in a meeting on at least 4 later dates. The office clerk was just plain rude to my wife and the saleswoman in the store, there must not have been any other applicants for the job. I was promised Tres the floor manager would call us to remedy the problem but here it is 5 days later and no call.

My advise, Stay away from Haverty's at all locations unless you want to be pressured into financing a huge amount on credit at a high interest rate or paying cash which you don't have.

And don't trust their sales people to disclose anything ask for warranty and finance information up front before wasting time picking out furniture.

Review about: Havertys Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $14900.

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Sebring, Florida, United States #1158716

This is one of many scams offered not only by furniture stores but by car dealers and even dentists. These are not interest free.

The interest is deferred until the time set for the final payment. You will then find that your total payments do not quite equal the total due on the principle and a little noticed clause that states that if any balance remains at the end of the term you will be charged 29.9% interest on the full amount, including the amount you have already paid, will be in effect. In addition, you may not be given full credit for all you have paid as some early payments will be recorded as delivery charges or taxes. If you do not continue your payments, your account will be sold to a collection agency and you will be assessed collections fees.

The collections agents are often based in New Jersey and part of the Mafia. After they are through shaking you down, your account will be refereed to a local lawyer in your area and you will face additional legal fees.

People have lost cars and homes to these vultures. --- Larry Bates, RTRP


How is their financing a scam when the sales person made an error when calculating what your payment. Sounds like they bent over backwards to help your broke *** afford this nice furniture.

Sounds like you've made much bigger mistakes than your sales rep in life which has led to you not being able to afford a 400 dollar furniture payment.

Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States #995095

I assume the writer of the initial comment had more than a 5th grade education. $15,000/36mo = $416.66. If the clerk made an error and stated $216 a month, either the purchaser was an *** by not immediately recognizing that $216 for 36 months could not be correct, or they were trying to scam the furniture store, knowing that the clerk had made an error.


There were no losses "$14900" please show me where you lost this money and stop telling us how you don't like paying bills.

We have a bunch of stuff from Haverty's, we did the payment plan, paid it off early, smile for everyone.

Milton, Florida, United States #943492

I love Haverty's. I have taken advantage of the 36 month no interest plan.

I fully understood that a 36 month no interest plan meant the balance had to be paid in full within that time frame. How could someone not get that??? I am currently looking to replace the furniture I bought there in 1994.

It has held up wonderfully!!!!! And, I will be taking advantage of the 36 month no interest plan again.


You should learn to use a calculator 15000/36 = 416/month


I bought a chair ($479.00) at Haverty's for delivery in 30 days. I paid all but the last $100 or so up front, agreeing to pay the balance on pick up.

10 days later, I got a demand letter for the balance or my 'account' would be turned over to a collection agency! I called their office and was told that was the way their computer did things—no apology—and was told the only solution was to pay the balance within 10 days. I immediately paid the balance. I have told all my friends about the incident!

The chair came in on time and we are happy with it!! I did not get an 830 FICO by not paying my obligations...and I do not do business like this, however.


Ignorance is NEVER a valid argument when pushing to get a better deal. End of story.


Is this guy on drugs....when a store invoices you for 1-2% of the remaining balance, you pay many times the original value....Thats why if you miss a payment or late or don't complete the entirety in 36 months, the default is 25-28%...ALL stores bank on this as this is the american norm......If your final sales dollar was $14,796, then you divide that into 36 equal payments for a 3 year o% interest payment of $411/mo. However since all companies build this in, if you were to pay cash, then you discount it.

The best approach is make your final and best offer to purchase...Once you are satisfied with the value, then divide that into 36 eaqual payments...The figures don't lie, no matter what misunderstanding the salespeople and customer calculate. Then, make a cash offer on the final dollars...remember, you can always walk away.


This is a site for *** people who can't count and don't understand business.

Somebody has to pay interest on the 36 month-no interest plan by City Financial, and subject to credit approval, Haverty's has no influence on who and how much gets approved!

Furniture prices include more than the actual material the product contains. Shipping, storing, selling and administration cost plus a profit need to be covered.

The protection plan offered has saved a many households from stains and damages, many have gotten free replacemant of their furniture.

One better pay no attention to disgruntled former employees who had to be terminated for a number of different reasons. As one enters into employment anywhere, a document is signed that prohibits disclosure of internal information, especially when incorrect or even false.

I have very good experiences with Havertys, a competent sales staff and reasonable priced merchandise.

Carpi, Emilia-Romagna, Italy #21438

Sounds like she worked for you, like everyone else said learn some basic math. 18000/ 36=$500 if you have a hope in *** paying it off in 36 months.

If you cant afford the payments go to wallmart. Wish I had a Havertys where I am living now they always treated me right.

Hsinchu, Tai-Wan, Taiwan, Province Of China #20318


St. Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation #16666

Robert - I think more than one person needs to learn to add! The $416 doesn't work either.

It would be $500 on no interest! They should have taken that deal and ran!

Lambert, Mississippi, United States #14930

How does 36 payment of $216 even approach $18,000. The lady made a error and your pissed off ------ get a life and learn to add.

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