I don't see how this company stays in business.I was told that my sofa would be delivered in a two hour time frame.

I left my job early to ensure I wouldn't miss the delivery. Not only did they not make the time frame,(i understand extenuating circumstances) but they were 2 hours late. The delivery guys were guys were extremely rude to my children and didn't make much effort to get the sofa into my house. One of the men said, " we can load this sofa back on the truck" I was already so angry, I said, Go ahead and do it!!

I did get a call from customer service apologizing.

I told her not to worry about it.Now I know who Haverty's is, and I won't be buying from them again!!

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Dear Customer,

It is not that we at Havertys don't care.We care.All the way til we get you out our doors!You see we work off numbers.The higher up you are the less you are effected.Like society.I initially get credit for my store for the sale nomatter what happens after you swipe your card.(great for the books)The salesperson gets a nice chunk depending on experience.(we do have to make a profit)Now these poor delivery guys struggle just to get tips.You see it gets tough at the bottom of the chain.These guys work 8-14hr day depending on the time of year.Between repairing damaged furniture in route to resell as new.They are exhausted.Furthermore I wish you consumers can keep your complaints brief and precise.It takes some time reading all that garbage.It takes away from all the time I have use repair this molded furniture!


Your problems arose from within. Thier routing is a joke and done by people who can barely find thier way home at night, thus your problem.

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