We usually are out of town during Thanksgiving. This year, my husband needed cancer surgery, so we had Thanksgiving at home 6 days after lung surgery.

I had my son help me put the leaf in the table since my husband was told not to lift anything over 10lbs for several weeks. Well, to our surprise, since we never had the need to use the leaf, none of the holes lined up so we had 2 gaping sections at dinner that night! So embarrassing! We went to the store today since we needed a sofa.

And told the salesperson about it. He said he will have customer care give me a call.

They will do nothing, and take no responsibility because it's over a year old! Why wasn't this inspected before delivery or when they delivered it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Havertys Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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All they offer is fix it yourself. Anonymous must be someone from management knowing they dropped the ball again on their low quality control on stuff they sell.

Their made in China top grain leather is actually bonded leather.... plastic and leather combined.

Real leather doesn't peel, it can split with age, but bonded leather peels. Might as well go to Ashleys and RTG and pay less for cheap quality furniture.


Pull the inset pins out using a flathead screwed river and twist to break the glue bond. Once loose just pry them out.

Use a drill bit same size and make the hole bigger!

Once you do this the pins will slide in to your bigger holes and your all set. Tables warp over time....but totally fixable

Orlando, Florida, United States #883886

Made in China junk

OR why didn't YOU inspect it upon delivery? That is your :x responsibility.

It is also irresponsible for you make a public complaint like this when you have not allowed the company to make it good. That isn't fair to them is it? And yet you are going to the store to buy another piece of furniture.

to Hate Whiners Bokeelia, Florida, United States #820180

^^ Shill ^^

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