We bought a large farmhouse-style kitchen table in 2005 from Havertys that cost over $1000. Now...just five years later, the polyurethane coating on the top of the table is tacky and uneven and completely coming off!!!

I have never used any harsh cleaners on it and followed manufacturers directions on caring for it. I just wiped it down with a damp cloth after meals. Havertys said they can do nothing to fix it. What???!!

We will never buy anything from them again! We could have bought something high quality and used from Craigs List if we wanted to refinish ourselves,AND, we would have spent probably much less money.

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Warranty is good for 1 yr only!!!


What a cry baby...I don't know of anything that has a five year warranty. High ticket items, cars, boats, homes, ect...Go change your diaper.


Wow...5 years of use and your complaining??

I wonder "what" you could buy, get 5 years use out of it, then want ot complain that it doesn't look NEW anymore!!

Even a $40,000 car after 5 years of use doesn't look new anymore!

quit your whining, grow up, and get over it!


I would just sand the table down, and recoat it with polyurethane again. It is not a hard process and not that expensive. You can find instructions online on many websites such as wikihow or ehow.com


That's what you get for buying from "Clarence" LOL. Find a sticker on the underside.

It did not come from around here. It's probably a black/dark colored top...right???

and really sticky. Junk.........

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