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My husband and I bought our bed about a year ago (Sutton Place King Sleigh Bed). I remember hearing, about a month into owning the bed, occasional slight cracking noises under the bed. I wish then that I had lifted the mattress and box springs off the bed and inspected the beams at that time. This morning, my husband rolled over to grab his glasses and we heard a crack and something fell to the floor as our mattress listed to one side. We lifted up the bed and found the support beam at the head of the bed broken on the floor. To our surprise, all of the supports are buckling and look about ready to break. They are so cheap! We can see now that they are made out of some type of layered particleboard. My husband is at Lowe's now buying actual wood to try to install so we can sleep on our bed tonight.

I am so disappointed! We went to Haverty's because we knew that if we paid good money, we'd get a quality product. We are not rich and, for us, $1600 is a lot to pay for a bed. The rest of the bed is fine - beautiful, actually. We get a lot of compliments, but these beams can be easily bent with two hands.

I have written to Havertys asking for a partial refund for our time and the money we are spending on the wood needed to fortify the bed. We'll see if they even respond.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #854489

Same exact thing happened to me. On my way to Haverty's now.

Less than a year of use. 8/10/2014.

Headboard came apart on one side of bed. The side least used.

- CJ

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #769360

Typical bed slats- they are made of Ply-wood- not particle board- and ply-wood is supposed to be much stronger, I've delivered and worked customer service for years in the furniture industry and haven't seen anything quite like that happen from normal use, but Havertys should stand by it if it happened within the 1st year- most all furniture has a 1 year warranty. I would suggest asking them to replace it with a generic metal center support system made by Glideaway.


Have the same bed but my side rails came apart lucky for me I discovered it Nd they were nice enough to find new ones for me.

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