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Recently bought 2 dining room chairs from Haverty's in Tyler Texas. Company would not sell us the display chairs but said we could pick up the new ones in 2 days. Chairs arrived quickly but unassembled. Sales people did not mention they would arrive unassembled. Opened box and noticed an assembly kit that even included glue.

Very disappointed in Haverty's Showroom. Will never patronize them again. Do not understand why I had to wait even two days for an unassembled product.

Haverty's should be boycotted for being deceitful to customers. I wonder if I had ordered a couch, would I have to assemble it also?

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Next time don't be so cheap and pay for the delivery...they would do it for you.Save a penny, do the work.

But don't b*tch about it when you made the choice.Don't work for Havertys, but do understand the cattle that wander around the planet mindlessly, trying to get sumn for nothin'.

to WOW #612877

I bet you don't work for Haverty's!

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