I was encouraged by the salesperson to buy the 5 year Gold Plan to cover damages and stains. When I actually remembered to use the plan .the company wanted internet form mailed within 10 days of filing complaint.

Form s must have very detailed , measured and photograph of damage. Also I had not noted damage must be reported in a 5 day window ! Who inspects furniture that often?

Save your money -a complete waste of $400.00. the BBB ought to look into this.

Could have bought more furniture with that money. Do not buy this 5 day $400.00 plan The stipulations prevent you from benefitting from this plan.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Drop a can of oil base paint on it and you’re covered. Spill happened accidentally.

Called Guardsman and they replaced everything. Play by their rules to make plan work in your benefit.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #769365

If you accidentally damage your furniture how do you not know right away? The plan is for accidents and if I spill something on my sofa I know about it.

LOL you just didn't follow the guidelines of the plan. When filing a complaint you must phrase it as an accident that just happened because that is what it is meant to cover, nothing else!

Portland, Oregon, United States #637519
When using the warranty, people don't read the directions and then want to complain when it is rejected! READ, READ, READ!

And stop blaming everyone else for your ignorance!

Take responsibility! :cry

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